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Easy Chicken Pot Pie

My mother used to make chicken a la king for us with the leftovers from a roast and it was my all-time favourite dish as a child. When I was really young, she’d always serve it on top of toasted … Continue reading

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Chicken Stock

Not the most exciting of recipes to be sure, but an exciting thing to have in the fridge or the freezer. This stock is rich and golden and it makes lovely soups and beautiful risottos. It has a strong chicken … Continue reading

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Chicken and Garlic Stew

When I’m feeling cold, hungry and lazy (a frequent combination these days) this is one of my go to dishes. The prep time is under five minutes and the result is straight up delicious. No need to peel the garlic … Continue reading

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Baked Mustard and Herb Chicken

I love mustard. All of it. Yellow, grainy, English, Dijon. Especially Dijon. In my kitchen it has left its lowly condiment status far behind it and become king of the pantry. A hint of Dijon enhances everything from salad dressing … Continue reading

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