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Nigel Slater’s Hot Cheese Muffins

I’m gearing up to go on holiday, so all of my willpower and resolve has flown out the window. Tonight I was going to go to the gym, but ended up wandering around the mall looking for an anniversary present … Continue reading

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Buttermilk Mac and Cheese

Even this far past childhood, mac and cheese remains one of my all-time favourite foods. Probably because despite the wrinkles and sag, the rest of me never progressed very far past childhood. You could call it stunted. I call it … Continue reading

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White Trash Casserole

This casserole is a staple at my friend Mike’s annual Christmas brunch. It’s a champagne fueled affair at which the on-going gag is Mike pretending to take a champagne cork in the eye every time a new bottle is opened. … Continue reading

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Week of the Potato, Day 3: Potatoes Romanoff

Being that I have declared this the week of the potato, I have to include this recipe. I’m not going to make it though. It’s not really a dinner-for-two side dish, more of a Christmas lunch kind of side. I … Continue reading

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Black Bean Tortilla Pie

For someone who loves to cook, I think I hate the grocery store more than most. It’s the vastness of the place, packed to the rafters with sad styrene-trayed meat, haggard vegetables and¬†colourful but inedible foodstuffs. It’s the people too. … Continue reading

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The Perfect After-Bar Cheese Sandwich

I have a bad habit of going out on Friday night for a few drinks and neglecting to eat anything more substantial than a bag of chips or a bowl of fries. Consequently, I make a lot of late night … Continue reading

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